Bernd Lieber

Already 12 years in the field of the renewables, Bernd Lieber started his education in electronics in Klagenfurt and studied in Villach.

While his 10 years at Ochsner heat pumps, where Bernd Lieber started as sales manager for Carinthia. In the last 6 years, he was responsible as sales manager for Austria and Switzerland. Since 2021, Bernd Lieber is now sales manager for Austria and Switzerland at Sonnenkraft, where also Kioto Photovoltaics is a part of the company.
Sonnenkraft offers systems for heat, water and energy solutions and the aim of Sonnenkraft and Bernd Lieber is, to make every house a power plant. These are the most important things in the field of renewable and in the life of Bernd Lieber.

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