Davor Sertic

Davor Sertic was born in Croatia in 1967 and came to Austria with his parents when he was 2 months old.

On leaving school he began a career in logistics at LKW Walter and after a successful period there founded, with two partners, his own logistics company. From this he developed his own company, UnitCargo Spedition, which began operations is 2004 from an office in the basement of his house. Specialising in the network Scandinavia, Central Europe and the Balkans, he drew on the talents of the nationalities within that region to develop the successful business we see today. By 2020 the company had grown to a turnover of €41 millions with 6 locations and 110 people from 17 nations. A few years ago he established the UnitCargo Academy, a formalised training programme within the company to enhance logistics education.

The values of green logistics and diversity are cornerstones of the Unitcargo business with the company winning the DiversCity Award of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce in 2010. 

Since 2015, Davor Sertic has been chairman of the Transport and Traffic Division in the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, a key role in the strategic planning of the city. His entrepreneurial activity, his career and his company's approach to issues such as internationality, sustainability, diversity and fairness towards employees, but also towards competitors, make him a model entrepreneur for all those engaged in the logistics industry.

Davor Sertic is also the founder of the Green Logistics Forum, which has established itself as a forward-looking, sustainability-oriented knowledge and networking platform. The forum contributes to making freight mobility greener, more social and more efficient.

Davor Sertic stands for modern, "green" transport policy and is the model for successful integration.

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