Event WOF Summit Vienna 2022 starts on 4 May 2022 at 09:00:00 CEST
Human Resources – Logistics Leadership of Tomorrow
Location: Plenary Room - 04/05/2022, 09:45 - 04/05/2022, 10:40 (Eastern Daylight Time) (55 minutes)

Human Resources – Logistics Leadership of Tomorrow
Sebastian Kummer Head of the Institute of Transport and Logistics  at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien


It is people’s business, or it is the systems? One does not go without the other! We see transformation in digitalization, but also in the human resource development and approach in the industry.

The logistics, transport and supply chain industry is depending on smart, good educated and dedicated people who love what they are doing. While the whole industry is still shaken from the COVID crises and has to adjust to a completely new work Environment, companies are fighting for the best people. Working in logistics can be one of the most exciting fields for personal development in a multicultural environment, but also challenging like hell – many settled players from the industry will confirm this.

What are the expectations, visions and targets of the next generation entering the industry? What can universities, public sector and private entities do in order to attract and develop the right people to lead a bright future of the logistics industry?

In our panel we underline that logistics and supply chain is still people’s business & discuss the best options for personal growth and future leadership opportunities in the industry.


Julia Fallmann

Head of Corporate Marketing and Head of Corporate HR Recruiting/Employer Branding


Jakob Timotheus Haussteiner 


University of Applied Sciences 
Upper Austria in Steyr


PhD. Student

Budapest University of Technology & Economics

Simon Hana 


Prague University of  Economics & Business

Johanna Habesohn 


University of Applied Sciences 
BFI Vienna

Christoph Grasl 

Moderator & COO

WOF Group