Event WOF Summit Vienna 2022 starts on May 4, 2022 at 9:00:00 AM +0200
Resilience of global supply chains: Challenges and solutions
Location: Plenary Room - 5/5/22, 8:45 AM - 5/5/22, 9:40 AM (EDT) (55 minutes)

Resilience of global supply chains: Challenges and solutions
Walter Holzhammer Austria and Hungary Representative  at Port of Antwerp


What is the impact of Covid Crisis to the global logistics scenario and how can all stakeholders like Ports, Shipping Lines, Rail Operators and Hinterland Terminals support to keep such Chains alive in fragile economical circumstances?

What is helpful - e.g. Digitization? 

Not always as we can see the problems Shipping Lines have with sailing schedules. Empty container Shortages all around the Globe.

Terminals in the Ports hit by always changing arrival dates and sometimes High Peaks with several Containerships arriving at the same time window and then they have days with no activity. Same is then prolonged in the Chain to the Hinterland Depots. Train planning is challenging with no exact arrival dates of Vessels. Terminals cannot plan their utilization. 


Dmitriy Ioffe

Global CCO

ECU Worldwide

Manfred Seyer

Operations Manager


Igor Sekardi

Deputy Director for International Affairs & Markets

Federation of Austrian Industries

Christian Vogt

Commercial Manager

MSC Austria