Julia Fallmann

Julia Fallmann is Head of Corporate Marketing und Head of Corporate HR fo r Recruiting and Em-
ployer Branding at the international Logistics Provider Quehenberger Logistics.

Since 2020 Julia Fallmann is res ponsible for all strategic Marketing activities th roughout the
Quehenberger Group in Europe .
2021 she was annou nced addi tionally for part of the HR activities : Personnel marketing, Recruiting ,
Di gital Learning and Employer Branding are part of her Job since then.

After her studies in Economics with the spe c ialisation in production and log istics at the FH Salz-
burg Julia Fallmann worked several years in the pro duction industry always ea ger to personally de-
velopment and ex pand her Marketing Skills ( Digital Marketing, B2B Marketing and Employer
Branding) until she followed her passion for Logistics and B2B Marketing within the Quehenberger
Group form 2018 on.

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