Ralf Schweighöfer

Ralf Schweighöfer has been CEO of DHL Express in Austria since 2011.

DHL Express is one of the largest and most successful units from the Deutsche Post DHL Group. In 1980, DHL Express was founded and started its business in Austria with only two employees. 

Today, Mr. Schweighöfer is responsible for 650+ employees, a fleet of two aircrafts and 400+ vehicles. With 35 years of service for Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) Group, he is one of the most experienced TOP 500 managers of the company.  More than 15 years in various top management positions and different areas at DHL Express in Germany and Austria has made Mr. Schweighöfer a leading expert in logistics with unique industry-know-how.

Ralf Schweighöfer is characterized by his passion for customer centricity and his strong focus on excellence in service. Driven by the visions of DPDHL – Employer of Choice, Investment of Choice and Provider of Choice – he continuously developed DHL Express in Austria with great success. 

In 2016, DHL Express was voted Austria's most customer-focused service provider across all industries. Since 2017, Mr. Schweighöfer has been representing DHL Express as a jury member for the renowned Top Service Austria CX Award. 

Working with people at DHL Express is fundamentally important to him, as is his ambition to create a Great Place to Work for all employees every day. Since 2021, DHL Express officially is the European and global Great Place to Work No. 1. In addition, the CRX D-A-CH-Award for “CX in times of crisis” as well as “CX consulting and advisory” was awarded to DHL Express in 2021. 

Born in Hamm (Westphalia, Germany), Mr. Schweighöfer has been a loyal fan of his favorite club, Borussia Dortmund, for more than 30 years. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, taking long hikes and traveling to sunny places.


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