Robert Kunen

      Robert transformed AF-KL Cargo’s central Customer Service organization into a modern, innovative Distribution & Customer Service department that took AF-KL Cargo to its digital leadership position of today.

      Now responsible for its Digital Commercial innovation program, that has created the renowned myCargo platform and its equivalent employee platform ourCargo, the Channel Strategy team that paves the way to a multi-channel digital distribution, as well as the teams defining the strategy, processes and providing support to its offline customer service activities in the field and claims, Robert has made AF-KL Cargo ready for its digital future.

      After graduating as an Aerospace Engineering MSc specialized in Man- Machine Systems at Delft University of Technology, Robert joined KLM in 1998, starting within Cargo in 2000 where he took up multiple roles within revenue management, sales and customer service. He spent nearly 10 years abroad for AF-KL Cargo, in Paris, Scandinavia and South China.

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